Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nationalizing the banks

Well, they're at it again. The Repugnants are decrying the stimulus bill by saying that it will nationalize the banks. Excuse me, but nationalization is when a government seizes all the assets of a company and runs the damned thing. They can't even get the terminology right. No wonder they ran the government into the ditch when they were in power...

They sort of remind me of way back in grade school when one of the teachers would name the biggest dork in the class the hall monitor. As soon as they put the belt and badge on nerdboy--the power would go right to his head and he'd become a virtual tyrant. That's what the Repugnants did when they won with their Contract on America back in the early '90's. They bullied everybody and their pet rat from their first day in charge. They forgot what happened to the little assmunch of a hall monitor. Sooner or later someone would get in nerdboy's face, knee him in the gonads and put the little puke in his place. Naturally he'd go running to the principal, the teachers and anyone who would listen. He'd be crying how he was only trying to do what was right and all he got for his trouble was a bunch of grief and now everybody hates him. When no one would show him any sympathy, he'd up and quit. They'd put someone else in as hall monitor--usually somebody with a few more functioning brain cells and things would get back to normal. Except for the dork. You'd hear him pissing and moaning that the new guy was letting things slide. And how he did such a good job. And things just weren't right without him in charge. Eventually he'd just snipe around with snide remarks--as he was walking away. The truth was nobody missed him and eventually he'd fade into the woodwork from whence he came...

The Repugnants are in that sniping stage. They can't come up with any viable solutions to the shitstorm they caused so they stand on the sidelines showering anyone who will listen with their off the wall comments. Like John "Crash&Burn" McCain griping about the Presidential helicopter. WTF? What does that have to do with the economy Uncle Fester? At least try to be relevant--you're a United States Senator for the cry-eye! Or John Boehner? He looks like some lounge singer that's gone to seed. He's got that bloated alcoholic look to him and that fake George Hamilton tan. And he's from Ohio! When the hell's the last time the sun shined over there???

More than anything right now this country needs statesmen--not political hacks. We need people who are going to sit down together and hash out the problems that are facing our country and come up with coherent, viable solutions that will benefit everyone. Not just their wealthy contributors. This really is the time for someone from the Republican Party to step up to the plate. If they offer good, constructive solutions people will listen. Not only will they listen but they will follow you.

Or you can be like the failed hall monitor and fade into the woodwork and years from now someone will be asking: "Wasn't there some kind of party called the Republicans at the turn of the century?"

On one of the news programs the other day they had a guest say that 92% of people are paying their mortgages and show no sign of going into default. If that's true, why are we in such a hubbub over the 8% that are delinquent? And most of the defaults are concentrated within five states. Something doesn't smell right. I don't think we're getting the whole story.

For those of you who are interested in trying to find out more, go to the website The Baseline Scenario. They have a nice set of links that will illuminate some of the fuzzy things you hear on the news. Their glossary is especially helpful.

The best news of the day is that Tiger Woods is back in the game! Now if he'd only disavow his relationship with Nike. I mean he has kids, you'd think he'd be against child labor violations by one of his sponsors. And sweatshops. I mean it just kills me that Nike will pay slave wages to the point where it costs them 19 cents to make a pair of shoes and then will turn around and charge upwards of $200 for the same pair of shoes. Worse yet--people will buy the freaking things! Who was it who said: "Nobody ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American buying public."? We're the same people who bought Pet Rocks, Beanie Babies and Lava Lamps....

I'm outa here! I want some kinda dessert with lots of whipped cream on it. Go get yourself some too. Later.

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